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Sadsad Tamesis Law Firm

Practice Areas

Corporate & Special Projects

  • Planning of Corporate and Tax Structure
  • Contract Management (Contract Drafting and Reviews)
  • Corporate Restructuring (e.g. Elimination of Equity Deficit, Amendment of Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, etc.)
Tax & Estate
  • Extrajudicial or Judicial Settlement of Estate
  • Handling of Tax Assessments and Tax Cases
  • Estate Tax Planning and Transfers of Properties
External Audit Services and Special Audit Engagements
  • Specific Analytical Audit Reports in accordance with Philippine Standards on Auditing (PSA).
  • Audited Financial Statements in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards for filing with the SEC.
  • Review the company’s annual income tax return (ITR) and its attachments for filing with BIR
Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Assistance in maintaining the company’s books of accounts and record the transactions in accordance with Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS) and the Client’s established accounting policies and procedures particularly General Ledger, General Journal, Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements
  • Transfer of Shares of Corporations (Listed or Non-Listed)
  • Sale, Donation or Transfer of Motor Vehicles
Internal Financial Control Audit and Fraud Audit
  • Review of Revenue Recognition and Collection Process. (e.g. Collection methods and practices, Accounts receivable management and recording, Recording and Reporting of revenues)
  • Expense Recognition and Settlement Process. (e.g. Expense origination and approval, Vendor accreditation and file maintenance, Purchase requisitioning and ordering, Receiving of goods policies, Invoice processing and payment, Accounts payable management, Reporting of expenses)
  • Cease and Desist Complaints from violations of Intellectual Property Rights
Business Law & Compliance
  • Incorporation, setting-up, and registration of corporations
  • Setting-up and registration with mandatory government offices (e.g. SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF)
  • Acquisition of Business Permits and BIR-registered Official Receipts and Tax-Identification Number
Prosecution & Defense
  • Criminal Prosecution and Defense
  • Contractual Disputes and Civil Law
  • Administrative Cases (e.g. DOLE, PRC, DENR, DTI, etc.)
Tax Refunds and Request for BIR Rulings
  • Administrative and Judicial claims for Tax Refunds (e.g. VAT Refund, excess Excise Tax Refund, etc.)
  • Assistance and Representation with the BIR for confirmatory rulings of interpretation of the Tax Code
  • Request for Tax-free exchange rulings of Mergers, Consolidations and other qualified transactions

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Family Law and Adoption

Family law and adoption aim to protect the rights and best interests of all individuals involved, including the child, biological parents, and adoptive parents. These legal frameworks provide guidelines and procedures to ensure that the adoption process is carried out ethically, responsibly, and with the welfare of the child as the utmost priority.

Corporate and Tax Law

Corporate tax and law are areas of legal practice that pertain to the regulation and taxation of corporations and their business activities. Corporate tax law governs the imposition and collection of taxes on the profits and income generated by corporations.

Property Law

Property law is a legal domain that governs the rights, interests, and transactions involving real and personal property. It encompasses the legal rules and principles that determine how individuals and entities acquire, use, transfer, and protect their ownership or possession of various types of property.


Litigation is a legal process of resolving disputes through the court system. It involves the formal presentation of a case before a judge or jury, where parties seek a legal remedy or resolution for their grievances. Litigation can cover a wide range of legal matters, including civil disputes, criminal cases, and administrative proceedings.