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We have a reputation for providing an exceptional legal service. Our diversity in terms of skills, qualifications, interests and backgrounds results in a skilled, enthusiastic, energetic and innovative team that sets our firm apart from the rest

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We started in year as De Guia, Tamesis & Sadsad Law Firm at the humble province of Marilao, Bulacan. To meet the demands of our clients from the Metro, we decided to put up another firm in Quezon City.

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Superior legal skills and a commitment to integrity, excellence and hard work enable us to frequently exceed our clients’ expectations.


Atty. Chris C. Tamesis, CPA, MBA.

Practice Areas:

Taxation, Corporate and Commercial law, Property and Real Estate, Data Privacy and Special Projects.


A lawyer and an accountant, Chris C. Tamesis has a broad legal background with solid experience in Tax and Corporate/Commercial Laws and has been in the Tax and Corporate Practice for significant successful years.

With his unique combination of strategic Accounting and Legal experience, he has multiple histories of successfully reducing tax expenses using his in-depth knowledge of Tax and Corporate regulations.

As a De La Salle University MBA graduate, backed by multiple certifications (including Harvard sanctioned executive business development program), he demonstrated success in delivering key client insights, strategies, and tactical campaigns for businesses and individuals.

Atty. Tamesis is a persuasive individual with strong negotiating skills. Resourceful, with the ability to assess all issues adequate to protect clients, and produce professional results while adhering to rigid deadlines.


Atty. Kathrina Mishael C. Sadsad

Practice Areas:

Family Law, Adoption, Guardianship & Other special proceedings, Nullity of Marriage and Legal Separation, Criminal Prosecution and Defense, Civil liability and Damages, Employment and Labor Law


Graduated in top 5 from the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law, and as a way to give back to her alma mater, Atty. Sadsad taught various law subjects within the University, including Obligations and Contracts, Corporation Laws, and Taxation. 

She is focused on the field of civil and family law, including petitions for nullity of marriage, adoption cases, and judicial recognition of foreign divorce. Atty. Sadsad also handles criminal justice. She enjoyed great success as a trial lawyer, and her reputation for zealous and skilled representation resulted in her being retained to represent numerous high-profile clients.

She specializes in litigation and has devoted her career to civil and criminal litigation before courts and quasi-judicial bodies of all levels including the Supreme Court. She has extensive practice before the different levels of the prosecutorial system and has acted as a private prosecutor and defense counsel before the regular courts and up to the higher courts.

She has also attained her Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Junior Partner

David Sheldon C. Pe Benito, CPA


David Sheldon C. Pe Benito is an accomplished accounting professional with a rich academic background from the esteemed University of Santo Tomas, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Accountancy.

His vast accounting proficiency and knowledge can be attributed to his past experience with several different industries. These include insurance, merchandising, education, foundations and associations, electric cooperatives, service, and manufacturing. Such diverse exposure has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and regulations of each sector, making him adaptable and dependable for any financial challenges that may come his way.

David guides and oversees a team of skilled accounting professionals and implements robust financial systems, ensuring unerring accuracy and efficiency in financial operations.

He is widely recognized for his integrity, expertise, and commitment to excellence in auditing and accounting. His wealth of experience and dedication make him a valuable asset to the industry.

Junior Partner

Atty. Carlo Artemus Diaz


Atty. Carlo Artemus Diaz is an accomplished lawyer with a strong background in asset recovery and fraud prosecution. He obtained his law degree from the University of Santo Tomas and has accumulated approximately nine years of experience in the legal field. In 2023, Atty. Diaz was chosen as one of the finalists for the “Young Lawyer of the Year Award” of the 2023 Philippine Law Awards, hosted by the Asian Legal Business and Thomson Reuters.

Focusing primarily in fraud protection and asset recovery, Atty. Diaz has successfully assisted banks, financial institutions, corporations, business, and individuals in vindicating their claims related to asset recovery and fraud.

In addition to ordinary civil or criminal litigation, Atty. Diaz likewise excels in assisting clients in the field of arbitration, which is an emerging trend in the Philippine legal landscape. This alternative method of dispute resolution is particularly beneficial for clients involved in various specialized disputes best resolved expeditiously by a specialized tribunal. By practicing arbitration, Atty. Diaz becomes instrumental in helping clients resolve their specialized or niche legal matters efficiently and within a relatively shorter period of time compared to ordinary actions pending in court.

Accounting & Tax head

Atty. Edwin C. Tamesis, CPA


Atty. Edwin C. Tamesis obtained his Juris Doctor degree from John Wesley School of Law and Governance, and his bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from the University of the East. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Before joining the Firm, Atty. Edwin C. Tamesis worked as a Finance Director from Qualimed Healthcare Network (Philippines) and Finance Head of Gulf Cryo Group (the Middle East and North Africa Region).

Senior Associate Lawyer

Atty. Gabriel D. Adora


Atty. Gabriel D. Adora is a notable legal professional with a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Santo Tomas. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the same school, wherein he graduated as Salutatorian and with Latin honors (cum laude).

Throughout his academic journey, Atty. Adora exhibited exceptional leadership and scholarly prowess, serving as the Executive Editor of Vol. 65 of the prestigious UST Law Review. His dedication to legal scholarship was further underscored by his consistent inclusion on the Dean’s List within the esteemed UST Faculty of Civil Law. Noteworthy among his scholarly endeavors is his published work titled “The Stepping Stones to Solve Jail Overcrowding: Limitations in Legislation and Litigation,” featured prominently in the UST Law Review Journal.

He has dedicated his professional endeavors to handling both civil and criminal litigation cases across a spectrum of judicial forums, ranging from lower courts to the apex jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, as well as quasi-judicial bodies.

Associate Lawyer

Atty. Rina Raquel C. Buenavista, LPT


Atty. Rina Raquel C. Buenavista distinguishes herself as an Exemplary Bar Passer in the 2020/2021 Bar Examinations. She has taken her Juris Doctor Degree from San Beda University, complemented by a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of the Philippines, where she graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude).

In addition to her impressive academic achievements, Atty. Buenavista is a licensed professional teacher. Her tenure as a professional teacher reflects her dedication to nurturing minds, as evidenced by her exceptional contributions at renowned institutions such as Miriam College and the University of the Philippines Integrated School. Atty. Buenavista’s adeptness in imparting knowledge and fostering a conducive learning environment establishes her as a paragon of excellence.

Moreover, her innate ability to translate complex legal concepts into comprehensible frameworks positions her as an invaluable asset in both the classroom and the legal arena.

In every endeavor, Atty. Rina Raquel C. Buenavista exemplifies a rare combination of legal acumen, pedagogical prowess, and unwavering dedication, making her an indispensable leader in the legal profession.

Associate Lawyer

Atty. Dominic Nikki D. Murata


Atty. Dominic Nikki D. Murata successfully passed the Bar Examinations 2020/2021 with a distinguishment for Exemplary Performance. She earned her Juris Doctor Degree from the University of the Philippines, and her bachelor’s degree in Legal Management from Bulacan State University, where she was awarded with the Best in Thesis recognition.

Her illustrious career encompasses multifaceted expertise, notably in tax advisory services. Atty. Murata exhibited a remarkable acumen in providing comprehensive tax advice, skillfully representing a diverse clientele encompassing local and international entities. Her engagements extended to negotiations and transactions with regulatory bodies including the Board of Investments (BOI), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In addition to her tax advisory prowess, Atty. Murata also distinguishes herself as an adept litigator in civil and criminal cases. Regarded as one of the finest, she brings to bear a wealth of experience and a formidable track record in navigating the complexities of legal disputes. Her proficiency in litigation is underscored by her unwavering commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for her clients, further solidifying her character as a stellar legal practitioner.

Associate Lawyer

Atty. Renz Rumer M. Bordeos


Atty. Renz Rumer M. Bordeos is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, where he attained both his Juris Doctor Degree and bachelor’s degree in Financial Management.

His professional journey is marked by a profound expertise in the realm of properties and analysis. His hands-on experience with transfers of properties equipped him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of property transactions and market dynamics. Furthermore, Atty. Bordeos honed his analytical prowess during his tenure as an Analyst. In this role, he meticulously conducted research and analysis, leveraging his keen intellect to identify emerging trends and evaluate competitor strategies. His astute observations and analytical acumen have consistently positioned him as a trusted advisor, adept at navigating complex business landscapes with precision and insight.

Presently, Atty. Bordeos brings his comprehensive skill set to the forefront as he handles a diverse array of civil and criminal litigation cases for the firm. His dedication to securing favorable outcomes for clients, combined with his nuanced understanding of legal intricacies, underscores his pivotal role as a dynamic legal practitioner.

Associate Lawyer

Atty. Al Mayo Sandino C. Paglinawan


Atty. Al Mayo Sandino C. Paglinawan obtained his Juris Doctor Degree from Arellano University School of Law and his bachelor’s degree in Legal Management from the University of Santo Tomas.

Following his successful admission to the Bar, he embarked on his professional journey as a litigator, adeptly handling both civil and criminal cases in various judicial and quasi-judicial forums. His proficiency extends to navigating negotiations and mediations, thereby securing favorable outcomes for his clients with diligence and expertise.

Here, his foundation proved instrumental in his approach to legal advocacy, enabling him to navigate complex civil and criminal cases with precision and expertise. His tenure laid the groundwork for his excellent career, highlighting his commitment to excellence and dedication to the pursuit of justice for his clients.

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